Blog Beast Scam

Blog Beast Scam – What The Hell Is Empower Network Blog Beast?

Blog Beast Scam?

Is that what you are looking for? You may leave this website right now. This is not for you.  Let’s get things straight. I have no interest in entertaining  “so called” wannabe internet experts, who label everything as scams. Right from product launches to services, and without even bothering to investigate or before giving it a shot. They are the ones who are screaming “Blog Beast Scam”, “Empower Network Scam” and “XYZ Scam” all over the internet, wasting their time and energy. While the real ones with the right kind of mindset and focus are making all the money. In fact, tons and tons of money. If you are from the latter, here’s your ruthlessly honest “Blog Beast Review”.

Sorry for being rude, we are known for telling the hard hitting truth. Even if it hurts. Now, if you are pulled out of the “Blog Beast Scam” mindset, let’s get to the meat and potatoes and a no hype, no bullshit “Blog Beast Review”.

Blog Beast Review: What exactly is the “Empower Network – Blog Beast”?

Recently, Empower Network made an announcement of “The Blog Beast,” a new age blogging platform which will do what Apple did to Microsoft. It will give WordPress and blogger a run for their money.

With a noble vision to take the hassles out of the blogging process, “Blog Beast” will infuse simplicity into the overly complicated blog creation and maintenance process. It will solve problems which has kept away millions of potential bloggers from starting their own blog to make money online. If you ever had a desire of expressing yourself through your writings, but starting your own blog gave you nightmares, then “Blog beast” is made for you. Empower Network has taken out the complexities and took blogging to the simplest possible level.

Blog Beast Scam

Here’s what co-founder of Empower Network Blog Beast David Sharpe had to say, “When you start getting into the setup, maintenance and advance features, WordPress really is a difficult pain. It was designed to be super user-friendly. Over time, it’s become more and more complicated. Whether you agree or you don’t, we’ve decided to make blogging easy so anyone could do it, even a grandma who’s new to the Internet. Blog Beast is everything WordPress was originally meant to be.”

With its cutting edge technology and ground breaking innovation, Blog Beast is simplifying the audio/video blogging experience by giving users power of recording  videos and audios on the go with the help of mobile app. With a point click system in place, anyone can post a podcast or video online from a smartphone or computer with two simple clicks, Blog Beast essentially takes blogging to a whole new level which can be taken as “grandma-proof.”

Other note worthy feature is the simplicity in article sharing process. Blog Beast makes it easier to reblog posts while keeping the original credit of the author intact while sharing the content between Blog Beast network.  One refreshing feature is the proprietary commenting feature. It allows readers to share posts and comments on various social media platforms with link juice coming back to the original post. This will help tremendously in building natural quality backlink for your SEO efforts.

Adding to the already powerful features, Blog Beast will withhold premium content with a paywall, which restricts access to paid subscribers and will reveal only a teaser. This way, the unpaid readers will be given a call to action to upgrade their accounts in order to excess it. This will shoot up your conversions and improve ROI, resulting in more sales.

Additional features of the Blog Beast are unmatched training modules on blogging, marketing and leadership, along with customer relationship management system. It will provide users necessary tracking mechanism to access his or her back office, view sales and transactions as well as send bulk emails to selective customer groups.

The Blog Beast is priced at $25 per month, the same as the current Empower Network blogging system. Empower Network will automatically migrate all existing customers to its new platform on Oct. 7. Empower Network also offers an 100% commissions affiliate compensation plan to its nearly 30,000 active affiliates, and that number is expected to literally explode with Blog Beast’s release.

This is HUGE (much bigger than most people realize right now).

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Here’s My Recommendation To You

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With only a few days until this brand new mobile blogging and marketing platform ENV2 (aka: The Blog Beast”) is released to the world… the whispers are starting, the anticipation is increasing, and everyone is watching and waiting to get their hands on it. And the only thing we’ll say is: “This is a Game-Changer” – and it’s Coming Very Soon

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That will do 2 things for you.

Thing #1: You will be grandfathered into the new platform when it’s launched in a couple of weeks.

Thing #2: It will put you in position to work with me, and be part of the largest and most profitable product launch in history of it’s kind.

Watch the official Marketing Video of Empower Network 

Need more information about Empower Network? 

 Still pondering over Blog Beast Scam or searching for yet another Blog Beast Review?  After Oct 7, Empower Network will disable orders until the mid-October Blog Beast public launch. You can either take action now and create your epic success story, or wait till the launch and clap for the millions of success stories. There’s history in the making right now. Go Big or Go Home. The Choice is yours!

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